Thursday, September 6, 2012

WeSTOC 9/6/12 - I have the Tags

I got a direct handoff of the tags at WeSTOC in Golden and have taken them on my ride around Colorado. Today they did Vail Pass, Tennessee Pass and Independence Pass and Black Canyon of the Gunnison both directions. Doing Grand Mesa and Delores Canyon then Telluride to Cortez and over to Pagosa Springs tomorrow. Not sure where I'm going as you can see. Original plan was ambitious but may be shortened a bit.

The Tags remember our members who have left us. It's an honor to carry them wherever I ride for a bit. I'll Geocache them at some point for the next guy.

This is Banquet Day...Link

I led Kevin and Cathee along with Mark up to Estes Park and back. Another great weather day. Cathee takes lots of pictures and we managed to get seperated for awile even though we were using the radios. Seems a pair of ST13's were already headed southbound dressed just like Mark and I. Kevin could not raise them but I could just hear his mic crack. Too funny... we were riding different directions but he figured it out and we hooked back up. We made it back with time to spare as it turned out there was no group photo much less a helicopter.

Lots of the Photos at Smugmug for 9/6 linked here are Cathee's... she has a camera just like the one I left at home... only newer. She is very good.

The Garmin route telemetry is here

Adam gave me the Memorial tags... I'll carry them with me until nearing completion of my ride at which point I'll Geocach them for the next guy

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