Saturday, September 8, 2012

Post WeSTOC 9/8/12

Highlands Ranch to Leadville via High Grade Road and Deer Creek Canyon.

Look for the video here

I left brother Tim's in Highlands Ranch making a stop at Progressive Motorcycles to see if I could get a new helmet. My old one is threadbare inside to the point of tearing my ears off when I take it off. Stroke of luck! 20% off. I have been using the Shoei brand for about 20 years but could not resis the trick Scorpion brand this time. It has a inner visor that can be used as a sunshade and deflects rain to. The face shield as a gizmo that allows it to lock tighter for running in the rain.

Photos starting at 9/8 are here at Smugmug


the Garmin telemetry is here 97.79 miles before the break... there was some data lost

and another 68.8 miles of Garmin telemetry here

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