Saturday, July 14, 2012

Just about ready for NatSTOC in South Dakota

A friend posted his lament about his layoff from motorcycling... he had been having back trouble and his Mom was very sick. He rode to see her... she got better.

I get it... I used to visit my Grandma every year... can't do that anymore but I do go look at the cabin and have a little sniff. My favorite place in this world. I wish I had thought to be prepared to buy it myself.

Update: I had a great time a NatSTOC...

I got a new tent that was a big hit. It rained the first night and it was lovely. The tent was superb but I pitched it a bit close to the brideg over the creek. The rain had made the bridge slick so I ended up being the Troll. I had perticulary fun with little Kent and his Mama. The rest of the photos are here