Sunday, May 27, 2012

CreSTOC - May 27 to Jun 6, 2012

SUN May 27 - Billings to Three Forks, Montana - 176 miles 176 miles total
No pictures today...  it was too wet... I do have a new waterproof camera
176 miles in a drizzle and a bit of sleet on Bozeman Pass.
When the weather closed in at Three Forks I stopped for the night...
did not relish the idea of setting up the tent in the rain at the Airpot like I have in the past

MON May 28 - Three Forks to Clarkston, WA - 453 miles (Garmin player link) 629 total
I posted quite a few pics even though it continues to rain on me most of the day.  Chose to go over Pipestone Pass rather than fight the spray for the trucks on Homestake Pass.  The rain thinned a bit but never really quit. Rode Lolo pass to Orofino then the P1 road to Hendrick and the Old Spiral Highway into Lewistown. Try looking to see if their was camping at the Airpot park but ti was raining pretty hard again so Motel 6 in Clarkston, WA.  When I got settled I fired up the computer and found out the Bill Pratt had passed away while I was riding the "ST Mother Road" I was thing of him all day and made a video of the ride.  I'll post it but it may not be proccesed for a bit.

TUE May 29 - A sad day... Rest in Peace Bill Pratt.
 I'll need to decide where to go today...
I am disinclined to continue to CreSTOC but maybe hang around and ride to Oregon - Washington Coast instead. That way I can be around to attend the Memorial.

Photo at left - Bill and Marsh Pratt lead the way

As it turned out, we continued to CreSTOC... Bill would like that

WED May 30 - La Pine, OR to Rio Dell, CA 417 miles

THU May 31 - Rio Dell, CA to Tomales, CA 257 miles

Stealth Camping behind the Presbetarian Church

FRI Jun 1 - Tomales to Greenfield, CA via PCHighway 230 miles

SAT Jun 2- Greenfield to Crestline on a Walkabout 414 miles

SUN Jun 3 - Crestline to Carmel via Angeles Crest Highway

Mon Jun 4 - Carmel, CA to Stranded on the Pass with the Waggoneers

Tue Jun 5 - Adventure Campground west of Lake Tahoe to Wells, NV

Wed Jun 6 - Wells, NV to Home 630 miles

Sun Jun 10 - Ingrid's Wedding - I thought about Bill all days as this was the day of his Marq Party.