Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Post Moonshine - Ready to roll

I missed a few posts... I'll get back to them but there wasn't really much going on... I went out to the farm yesterday to make sure there wasn't any trash left.. Was stuck in Casey, IL waiting on a new rear tire. Managed to get two Moonburgers in the process and visited Terry Hammond's grave. I have been the only guest for two nights. Casey has great nice people. A local gave me a ride to the shop after my tire arrived. I pulled the wheel in the Comfort Inn parking lot just as the UPS truck pulled up. Lots of train traffic here but no sun so I didn't bother with photos. My little camera quit, it got wet. So did my old waterproof Magellan GPS... I think it will eventually dry out. 1600 miles I did in the rain... I don't think it was that waterproof. My bicycle GPS is still working so I won't get lost.

Headed for Bonne Terre, MO to do some family history stuff tomorrow, then Kansas City the next day.

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Pictures are here

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