Saturday, April 7, 2012

Moonshine again

I retired early as the weather has been fantastic this spring. I cannot wait to start riding again. I caught the very tail end of Moonshine last year. Moonshine was started by a buddy Terry Hammond who was a farmer near Casey, IL. This ride is about friends and camping and food and fun than the riding as there is not many interesting roads in the central IL area. Moonshine, IL has a population of 2. It is really just a General Store that doesn't even show up on Google map last I checked.

I'll be leaving TUE the 10th of April. I changed the oil and filter. I was going to service the forks but it'll wait as I'll not be working the suspension as much as usual this trip. I shipped a couple of rear tires to Kansas City.. I'll put one on on the way back and have Will keep the other for futre emergencies.

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