Friday, September 9, 2011

CoSTOC 9/9/11

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Not included on the maps was a ride over to Harley Davidson with Terry and Mark to get a new adapter cable for the electric vest. Norman looked at (and later bought) an ST, trading his Buell in on it. Welcome to the fold Norman

Summary- Parker, Colorado to Manitou Springs, Colorado
Time: 02:30:46
Distance: 92.73 mi
Elevation Gain: 5,215 ft

Time: 02:30:46
Moving Time: 02:01:03
Elapsed Time: 22:57:50

Avg Speed:
36.9 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 46.0 mph
Max Speed: 80.7 mph

Heart Rate
Avg HR: 75 bpm
Max HR: 118 bpm

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