Thursday, June 16, 2011

Not looking good for me

Sorry guys... I've been informed that US14 is closed you will have to use 14a
Also the road from Belfry to Bridger is tore up
I did ride Belfry to Red Lodge via Bearcreek... it is fine

It's not looking like I'll make BearSTOC... as you can see I'm busy at work... photo in Bozeman by railfan

I been Railroaded! Please let the guys know I will not be there. Will and a few are staying in Burgess Jct.

I will have to work tomorrow (17th), and return 18th... if I get back soon enough I'll ride from Billings and see you all at the Pizza place and spend the night at KOA... it's possible I will not get back until Sunday early am

I'll take my
on the next train trip

Sorry guys, the flooding on the RR have made us all "step up for the good of the country"

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