Monday, May 9, 2011

Players... (that we know of)

This is the least organized event you have ever attended... the following riders may or may not show including myself
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  • MDTurley 10-04-2010 12:36 AM - I hope to make it to my own event... (Dang RR) Breakfast at Dirty Annies on the 18th then the Grizzly Bear Ride
  • ChucksKLRST 10-20-2010 06:29 PM - I plan on being at Bearstoc on my way to WESTOC
  • kwhoff 11-05-2010 12:45 PM - May have another ST riders with me
  • BadgerMan 11-18-2010 09:21 PM + 1 guest - I'll be there with a friend from Wisconsin taking the long way to WeSTOC.
  • Ridingfar 02-12-2011 08:36 AM - Heading up with BadgerMan and Will England on the wat to WeSTOC....
  • Carp 04-13-2011 07:19 PM - I'm in. Heading to Westoc after Bearstoc. Camping both places - just hoping for good weather.
  • Twinpine 05-23-2011 09:33 PM - I am going to put this on my calendar and twist what arms need to be twisted so I can make this. It looks more and more that I can do this.
RSVP'd Maybe: 3
  • BluesRider 11-18-2010 12:23 PM - Could Happen... Long way to get there but the west is calling me!
  • luoma 04-05-2011 08:12 AM - This working for a living is starting to affect my social life. lol
  • TimM 04-08-2011 10:48 AM - Possible side trip up to WeSToc.
RSVP'd No: 2
  • M&M Take2 06-12-2011 12:51 AM - It turns out that I have to work the 18th and 19th so I'll have to pass this time. Leaving for WeStoc morning of the 20th will catch up with BearStoc folks then. Cheers and ride safe! Marty
  • BakerBoy 06-13-2011 11:48 AM - Sorry, a number of pressures have risen and I'm not going to make it after all. Have fun y'all! -John

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Suggested routes

Grizzly Bear Ride - Burgess to Shell to Ranchester to Buffalo to Ten Sleep to Manderson to Cody to Cooke City to Red Lodge - 500 miles

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Papa Bear Ride - Burgess to Ranchester to Shell to Cody to Cooke City to Red Lodge - 300 miles

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Mama Bear Ride - Burgess to Lovell to Cooke City to Red Lodge - 249 miles

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Baby Bear Ride - Burgess to Shell to Cody to Cooke City to Red Lodge - 250 miles

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