Tuesday, June 14, 2011

BearSTOC 2011

Beware heavy snow and temp in the 20's on Beartooth pass 6/14/11... Photo by Michael Martin one of the few attendees and the olny one to make it over the pass before it closed again.
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Warning.... this is not an organized ride in any sense. You are on your own for route, ride, fun, lodging all of it. We have had great feedback for the disorganized nature of this ride.

BearSTOC will be Burgess Jct - Red Lodge

Bring your camping gear for Red Lodge KOA - make your own reservations. We have a location at the campground set aside right behind the brilding next to the creek

Fri 17 June
You should arrive somewhere near in the Burgess Jct. area (Bear Lodge is unavailable) either the evening of the 17 or early morning the 18th. You will likely run into other riders in the area. Suggest staying in Greybull or Ranchester or Dayton (there is a Foothills campground and a biker bar there). Buffalo and Sheridan are more expensive
You are on your own for securing accommodations

Schedule of events:
Sat 18 June

1. Breakfast at
Dirty Annies. Tradition dictates breakfast at Dirty Annies at the bottom of Shell Canyon west of Shell and east of Greybull, WY. (see link)

After breakfast ride up Shell Canyon (see video below on the rides post)

2. 1000am - Riders meeting at the billboard map just west of Bear Lodge on US14A. We will discuss route options and safety. There is no cell service a Burgess Jct.

We will meet and splinter off into groups and ride one of the preplanned rides...

3. Pizza or burger at the Pizza Place 7 pm in Red Lodge

4. KOA Red Lodge -
I have reserved 2 Tent SPOTS for 4 riders, there are more available, make you own reservation, just let 'em know you are with the ST group - the owner is an ST rider. See photo, same place

there is also the Comfort Inn and other motels in the area
Google it.... you are on your own... this is not an organised ride in any sense.

Please RSVP to STOwners.com

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